Privacy Policy

Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System OARRS

Privacy and Security Policy

Revised 9/12/2006

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
77 South High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Our Commitment to Privacy and Data Security

We Take Privacy Seriously

Privacy and personal information are our highest priority. This notice explains our online information practices to protect privacy and personal information. The privacy policy covers and all information collected by the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System.

The Information We Collect

As authorized by ORC 4729.79, the type of prescription information we collect includes patient’s identification, prescriber’s identification, pharmacy identification, prescribed drug identification, quantity of drug prescribed, date of prescription, date of dispensing and days supply of drug prescribed. We may also collect the IP address and non-identifying settings of a computer such as type of browser, operating system, and screen resolution. We do not collect any patient’s Social Security number or anyone’s credit card information. Ohio law limits the retention of patient identification to three years.

Who May Access Information

Pursuant to ORC 4729.79, the board may provide personal information and prescription drug history to a pharmacist or prescriber who is treating a patient; to a law enforcement official who is investigating a drug related offense; or to an official of a government agency that licenses, regulates, or disciplines a licensed healthcare provider who is authorized to prescribe drugs. Any person who is permitted to obtain information from OARRS has the legal authority to obtain the same information from other sources. Information stored in the OARRS database is NOT subject to Open Record laws.

How Information is Used

Information is provided to healthcare professionals who are treating a patient. It helps them know what drugs could be potentially beneficial or harmful based on prior prescriptions. Information may also be used by law enforcement to investigate the illegal prescribing and use of prescription drugs. Data that does not identify a patient may be used for educational or research purposes.

Information Sharing

OARRS will not release personal information to third parties except as provided by law. We will not provide, rent, or sell personal information for any other purpose.

Use of Internet Cookies

Cookies are short and simple text files stored on a computer by Internet web sites to help identify users and enhance the overall user experience. may use cookies to customize and personalize visits to our site. Cookies do not compromise privacy or security. OARRS will NEVER store personal information in a cookie! Using web browser settings and other widely available methods, you can refuse the cookies or delete the cookie file from your computer.


OARRS uses multiple widely accepted technologies to safeguard personal information. Using these forms of encryption, all information transactions are secure at all times during electronic transfer. The OARRS processing network is located behind a secure firewall and other electronic and physical constraints. OARRS continually upgrades its software, hardware, policies, and procedures in order to provide the latest in information security.

Email Correspondence

By its nature, Electronic Mail (E-Mail) is an insecure method of transferring information. For that reason, NEVER transmit personal information to OARRS or any other entity by e-mail. This includes the “Contact Us” forms found within the secure portion of the website. OARRS will NEVER use e-mail to transmit personal information outside of its secure network.

You may also refer to the State of Ohio’s Internet Privacy Policy at